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Tillie Jamison  26 years of experience in interpreting tarot cards both locally and  internationally.

 I am 64 years old and have been reading tarot cards for around 26 years.  I've read for people all over the country and the world and do readings at Ye Olde Trail Tavern in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  
 If you are in the Dayton/Springfield area of Ohio you might want to have a private reading or have a party.  Having a group of friends over for either private readings or sitting as a group is lots of fun!  Readings are $20 for each person.
For a reading on line all I need is your name, birthdate and  a couple questions.  I will do a general reading for you which will include a little about you, your job, financial situations, health, any movement as in job or home, and relationships.  YOU may ask two questions that you would like a more in depth study.  Please include your email address (or one that you have opened expressly for this purpose) and I will send you a complete write up.  I will return your reading within a couple of business days.  You may send your questions to
Cost will be $30 which is payable thru to   As soon as the payment is cleared I will send your reading.

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